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Pawel Fabjanski

About: Pawel Fabjanski is a professional photographer for 4 years. He lives in Warsaw, Poland but spends a bit of time in Australia and Denmark.

Is currently represented in 4 countries: Poland, Germany, Netherlands and Italy.

Tell us about your love story with photography?

This is a very long story… I started shooting photos about 12 years ago. On the beginning I did mostly skating photos – those were sport pictures of my friends skaters. Later on I decided that I want to spread my horizons and I passed exams to Polish National Film School. From that time I started thinking about photography much more seriously – I decided that one day I will earn for my living by shooting photos.

What keeps you motivated? What is the spark of inspiration?

A lot of things inspire me. It can be a movie, something I saw on the street, maybe a book I read… There is no ‘one kind of thing’ that is motivating me all the time. Anyway if you want to hear what I think is mostly shaping my photography – I think I should say it is city. I love big cities and I feel that energy in the city is something I try to capture all the time on my photos.

Describe your typical day at work...

10:00 first attempt to get up :). At 11:00 I finally got out of the bed :). 12:00 I am in the studio or on location – about 7-8 hours of work there and at about 20:00 I do the selection of material. At 23:00 I go to my postproduction studio to handle the material and tell them what they should start with. Next day at 8:00 I am at retouch studio to direct the whole post process. This typicaly takes the whole day. So at 22:00 I am back at home and I can again sleep till 11:00 🙂

About the style of your pictures. How long does it took you to find your own style? And how would you describe your photographic style?

This question is very interesting. I think that you can not find your style… I was not searching for it – I just do photos and they look in specific way – it is not my desire to do specific kind of photography. So I think that my style is me – I feel and see in specific way and I try not to be pushed by people I dont want to follow.

My style is extremely ‘urban’. I love city, energy in it and it’s concrete. When you look closer you can spot some points in my photos where you can see my fascination in comics and action movies. So again: my style is a mix of: people, city, energy and architecture.

You have done works for companies such as MTV, Red Bull, Samsung, greenpeace among others. What types of commissioned works are the most excited you had? And do you have a favorite commission?

A good type of commission is one where you are appointed as a photographer because client/ad agency believes that you are the best to do this job. I mean an assignment where I can really create the picture. It happens sometimes that client want to have too much input into your work – in those cases the final result is not best.

You named MTV, RedBull, Samsung and Greenpeace – those clients were very conscious of what I do and they respected my style 100%. They just wanted to obtain photography in ‘my style’ and those assignments were really good ones.

Do you use primarily digital cameras or film? What is your favorite? Tell us a little about the equipment you use.

I use ONLY digital equipment. Of course I am educated photographer and I passed all stages of analogue photography – I developed films myself, I did black&white and colour prints in my own darkroom – but I am a big fan of technology and I dont see any reason why I should still poison myself in chemical darkroom. Currently I own Hasselblad H3DII which is really good equipment. I own also Canon 5D which is much lighter and easier to use in case of ‘quicker’ photography. The most important tool right now for me is Photoshop CS3.

What kind of darkroom (traditional or digital) techniques do you employ?

I already said something about that. Back in the time when digital photography was just starting I was fully employing all traditional techniques – I did myself b&w prints and color prints, I was also developing films and using all kind of analogue material – film, transparencies etc. Currently I do only digital photos.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

That’s absolutely obvious that I will be doing photography.

What do you do when you're not taking photographs?

I am thinking about photos, preparing new ideas, looking at albums, or just trying to get new clients. Of course I have also normal life like everyone – partying, shoping, traveling etc.

Can you tell us some funny anecdote that nobody knows when you did a job?

I am not sure if it is funny or rather sad 🙂 Once I forgot to take my camera for assignment the problem was that I traveled about 400km to get to the place where I was supposed to do photos. Fortunately I had a second camera (6megapixel) with me and I did the photos with it. Afterwards I had to cheat in photoshop to hide the fact that the photos are so small. Back in time it was horrible experience, but now I think it was really funny to be a photographer without camera.

What are you doing now? Can you anticipate something of a new project that you have?

Right now I am working on a campaign for Mass DNM company – it is a clothing brand and we did a shooting with DJ Premiere (one of the ‘most wanted’ music producers in US). This is a series of photos where he is shown in ‘post-communistic’ locations and some really strange stuff is happening around him… I hope those photos will be ready until the end of 2008. Check out

The theme for this edition is Happiness, Can you tell us what is the meaning of happiness to you?

For me all new what is happening in my life makes me feel happy. I love changes and being surprised – that’s why I love new challenges, I love travels especially to places which are exotic for me. Lately also simple things are making me happy for example watching movies at home with my girlfriend… simple and truly joyful.

Thank you for giving us your time for this interview.

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